In partnership with Castleton University, soon to be Vermont State University, Educate the Whole Child now offers a suite of online courses. These courses will give you a deeper understanding of how Whole Child principles can be applied. The courses have no prerequisites and may be taken independently. Or they may be taken as part of a 4-course sequence that leads to 12-credit certificate in Teaching the Whole Child.

This 4-course sequence, informed, supported, and credited through Castleton University, is geared to K-12 teachers and administrators wanting to gain further understanding of teaching “one student at a time” at all educational levels. Educate the Whole Child believes that the best learning takes place in small communities that integrate academic and applied learning, promote collaborative work, and encourage a culture of life-long learning. Through the whole-child approach, children are immersed in learning environments intended to foster a sense of community and encourage interpersonal skills, problem solving, goal setting, creativity, autonomy, and self-accountability.

These courses are designed for teachers interested in personal and professional growth, who would like to introduce whole child approaches to their existing classes or who would like to see their entire school move in this direction. The courses can be taken in sequence or individually. Each course may also be applied  (with advisor permission) toward the Master of Science in Educational Research at Castleton.

Course Offerings for 2023-2024

Spring 2023 Fundamentals of Teaching the Whole Child
Summer 2023 Developing Whole Child Schools
Fall 2023 Social Justice in Education- From Awareness to Action
Spring 2024 Teaching Students with Disabilities in the 21st Century

Register now for the summer course, Developing Whole Child Schools, here.

Watch the Castleton Center for Schools website for subsequent courses. Use this link.

Please direct any questions to Tom McGuire at tomprnny@gmail.com