Work Toward a Whole Child Education Micro-credential

Instead of starting with the questions “How do we prepare kids to compete in the 21st century global marketplace?” or “What will insure that graduates all have command of basic skills?” suppose we start by asking what qualities we want to encourage in children as they grow toward adulthood.

To develop his whole child approach and book called Educating for Human Greatness, Lynn Stoddard surveyed parents for the qualities they felt an education should seek to develop in their children. They include: initiative, integrity, imagination, an inquiring mind, self-knowledge, interpersonal skills, and the ability to feel and recognize truth on different levels.

Educate the Whole Child offers several ways to pursue these questions and acquire necessary skills through graduate level short courses. One is a micro-credential offered by Antioch—New England University in Keene, New Hampshire.

Designed for professionals and parents who want to better understand what they can do to help children reach their full potential, these workshops provide vital exposure the multiple intelligences children need to develop in order to be fully active learners. For more on how Educate the Whole Child does this, explore this website.
The micro-credential will kick off with an Introduction to Whole Child Learning, offered on the weekend of May 5 and 6. This two-day program will include a variety of presentations in both discussion and hands-on settings (indoors and out, weather permitting).

Workshop Fees:
The all-inclusive fee is $250. This includes coffee/tea, snacks, but not lunch.

This Workshop can lead to an Educate the Whole Child Micro-credential

The workshop on May 5-6 can stand alone or lead to a non-credit micro-credential, consisting of this foundation and five follow-up experiences that allow participants to explore other dimensions of this educational paradigm. The follow-up components do not require attendance and can be completed on your own time schedule. More information about the micro-credential as well, as other graduate-level credit opportunities, will be available during the workshop.

Micro-credential Fees: The cost of each follow-up experience is $75 per participant. The cost of the full micro-credential is $625.

Facilitators: Tom McGuire, Elizabeth Lynch, and Casey Murrow

Who Should Attend:
Teachers, counselors, special educators, school leaders, and paraprofessionals. We also welcome parents, school board members, and community activists.

• Discover ways to make teaching more satisfying
• Learn by doing and applying
• Personalized and self-directed
• Learn new child-centered approaches
• Flexible scheduling

To Sign Up or For Further Information:

With thanks for support and encouragement from The Myrin Institute and Orion magazine.