Mission Hill School Receives Whole Child Certification

Another remarkable school received Whole Child Certification in March 2017 when the Mission Hill School in Greater Boston was recognized for its extraordinary work. Founded in 1997 by educator and author Deborah Meier, Mission Hill commands respect internationally as a place where children thrive in a small learning community that emphasizes a project-based, collaborative curriculum, and inclusion of all learning abilities. As a Boston Pilot School, MHS runs on democratic principles, and teachers are empowered to depart from standardized curriculum and to make the decisions that shape the school. Educate the Whole Child Co-Director Tom McGuire commented in his evaluation of the school that led to certification, “The positive learning climate is evident throughout the school–in student behavior, teachers’ professionalism, and parent involvement.”

A film about the school, Good Morning, Mission Hill and a recent PBS segment http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/greater-independence-teachers-result-higher-student-performance/ help to explain why this school has been so successful in creating a nurturing place to learn. The school serves approximately 250 children, ages 3-14. Find more about MHS at: http://www.missionhillschool.org/about-2/.

With thanks for support and encouragement from The Myrin Institute and Orion magazine.